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The Sheikh Nazim Helping Hands Charity was set up in memory of our teacher our guiding light Sheikh Nazim on the 7th May 2014 through inspiration and ardent desire to continue the magnanimous work of this great individual.


The charity is run by a dedicated team of volunteers, our primary aim as a charity is to help the homeless, disadvantaged, and elderly people throughout the Greater Manchester area and further, whatever their faith maybe. This is to bring about community cohesion and build bridges with people who we would otherwise not come in contact with, promoting peace and a greater understanding of Muslims and their ethos. The charity has been set up with the full encouragement and support of the family of Sheikh Nazim who provide support and guidance to us as needed.


There are many great people and organisations working on a voluntary basis throughout the UK, so we are working with them and our main work is with the Pankhurst centre in Manchester.


There are weekly activities which are going on and have included a number of homeless feeds in the Manchester and Stockport areas as well as food parcels provided to the elderly and other needy people that are referred to us.


Please take a look at our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages for recent updates on projects we have been involved with.


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