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Maulana Sheikh Nazim Adil al Haqqani was a Muslim saint and scholar from Cyprus. Maulana Sheikh Nazim passed from this earthly realm on the 7th May 2014 however the teachings and memories of this great individual are still alive, going on through his family and followers.


Maulana was born in Larnaca, Cyprus on April 21st 1922 and lived in Lefke, North Cyprus, where they are laid to rest in the Dergah (spiritual retreat) where they once taught and welcomed visitors from around the world. The place is still frequented by many for blessings and gaining a connection to their spiritual side. There is a warm friendly atmosphere as well as free food and accommodation for all travellers should they chose to visit.




















Maulana himself travelled extensively throughout the world as an Inspirational individual helping people whoever they were and as a testament to this followers can be found all over the world of many different nationalities, races and backgrounds, and this is indeed one of the miracles of this great personality. The message of peace, love and tolerance of the monotheistic religion of Islam was spread worldwide together with teachings of the most distinguished Naqshbandi Tariqa (way). The great Sheikh had time for the pauper to the prince and treated people with the highest of respect whatever their background. He was known to many dignitaries around the world, below is a meeting with Pope Benedict.



















Some of the sayings of Sheikh Nazim excerpted from advice given to people.


  • “The truly loving soul evokes affection even from wild animals.”
  • “Who is a real Muslim? One who doesn’t harm anyone, either with his hands or with his tongue. People are safe from him.”
  • “Say 3x "O my Lord, I love You," that is so beautiful from servants to Allah. Then no one is going to be depressed.”
  • “Most lovely character of mankind is to be humble. All prophets just came to teach us how we can be humble servants.”
  • “The purpose of any religion and of any spiritual path is to help people to become peaceful.”
  • “Don't think that meditation is something easy. It is the most important power which has been given to mankind.”

















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